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I am releasing my first 7 CDs as free MP3s

No Hope But For Jesus 1999 Paul Ellingsen
My first CD. Probably my favorite because it's so simple. Just my vocal, my guitar and harmonica, and a little bass or percussion on a few songs, recorded on a 4 track analog recorder, for a cassette, later copied to a DAT for a CD. My son, Jeremy remastered it a few years ago to bring up the levels a little.

Artwork: 4page book outside   4 page book inside   Tray card

192kbps MP3s:
No Hope But For Jesus-01 Psalm 37
No Hope But For Jesus-02 No Hope But For Jesus
No Hope But For Jesus-03 Seek Your Face Each Day
No Hope But For Jesus-04 Lord I Want To Thank You
No Hope But For Jesus-05 He Makes New The Pieces
No Hope But For Jesus-06 Turn From Your Ways
No Hope But For Jesus-07 Consider The Wonder
No Hope But For Jesus-08 No Hope But For Jesus Not So Blue Blues
No Hope But For Jesus-09 More Than These
No Hope But For Jesus-10 Worship The God That is Real
No Hope But For Jesus-11 The Blessing

Live In Paradise 2000 Paul Ellingsen
Recorded on my Korg 8 track digital in 2000 at Paradise Christian Coffeehouse. Because of mic placement I didn't include many of the more upbeat songs because they had more p pops. Probably my least favorite because of too much talking. Also remastered.

Artwork: 4 page outside   4 page inside   tray card

192 kbps MP3s:
Live In Paradise 01 Peace To My Soul
Live In Paradise 02 Unlike Any Other
Live In Paradise 03 More Than These
Live In Paradise 04 Hope For This World
Live In Paradise 05 None But Christ The Lord
Live In Paradise 06 Lord I Want To Thank You
Live In Paradise 07 Worship The God That Is Real
Live In Paradise 08 When Troubles Abound
Live In Paradise 09 He Brings Peace
Live In Paradise 10 Psalm 37
Live In Paradise 11 No Hope But For Jesus Not So Blue Blues
Live In Paradise 12 Amazing Grace

All You Ever Meant 2001 PBforJ (Paul and Bernadette for Jesus)
My first CD with Bernadette. Me (Paul Ellingsen) on lead vocals, guitar, harmonica, and mandolin and Bernadette Patrick performing backup vocals

Artwork: Book outside   Book inside   Tray card
192 kbps MP3s
All You Ever Meant 01 I'm Not Worthy
All You Ever Meant 02 Unlike Any Other
All You Ever Meant 03 They Were Free
All You Ever Meant 04 Joy of Giving (Instrumental)
All You Ever Meant 05 Give Me your Burden
All You Ever Meant 06 Give Praise
All You Ever Meant 07 All Like sheep
All You Ever Meant 08 All You Ever Meant
All You Ever Meant 09 Jesus You're the Lover of my Soul
All You Ever Meant 10 Psalm 30
All You Ever Meant 11 A Stroll Through Heaven (Instrumental)

As A Child 2004 PBforJ band
One of my favorites Paul Ellingsen on lead vocals, guitar, harmonica and mandolin, Bernadette Patrick on backup vocals and flute, John Kiefer on percussion, and Ken Grossinger on upright bass.

Artwork: Book Pg 1,2,3   Book pg 4,5,6   Tray card
192 kbps MP3s
As A Child 01 He Saved My Soul
As A Child 02 Peace To My Soul
As A Child 03 Old Gray Haired Sinner
As A Child 04 Unworthy
As A Child 05 Illusion
As A Child 06 In Prayer
As A Child 07 I Love Him So
As A Child 08 Love At All Costs
As A Child 09 Streets Of Gold
As A Child 10 As A Child

Wish I Had A 2007 Cece and Me with the late Courtney Hay
One of my favorites. Courtney Hay did some beautiful sax and flute instruments on this CD. Especially enjoyed the harp-sax jam on "Moses Moses" and the flute on "Be Still". Paul sings lead vocals and plays guitar, harmonica, mandolin, and hammer dulcimer. Cece on backup vocals, mandolin, and bass. Allen Carlson on keyboard and Jeremy Ellingsen on lead guitar on Sanctified Boogie. Courtney graduated to heaven in 2018 after a battle with cancer.

Artwork: Outside 4pg   Inside 4pg   Tray card
192kpbs MP3s
Wish I Had A 01 Higher Ground
Wish I Had A 02 On That HIllside
Wish I Had A 03 Yet Will I Trust Him
Wish I Had A 04 Forsake It All
Wish I Had A 05 Fisherman
Wish I Had A 06 Sweetest Gifts
Wish I Had A 07 With His Love
Wish I Had A 08 Moses Moses
Wish I Had A 09 Wish I Had A
Wish I Had A 10 Be Still (Psalm 46-10)

Christmas 2009
4 Classic and 7 Original Christmas carols by Paul and Cece Ellingsen

Artwork: front cover only   4 Page book pg 1&2   4 Page book pg 3&4   Tray card
192kbps MP3s
Christmas 01 The Dilemma
Christmas 02 Silent Night
Christmas 03 Angels We Have Heard On High
Christmas 04 Your Handmaid
Christmas 05 Joy To the World
Christmas 06 Isaiah 25
Christmas 07 None But Christ the Lord
Christmas 08 Behold the Maidservant
Christmas 09 Remember Him
Christmas 10 Go Tell it On the Mountain
Christmas 11 Give Praise

The Road 2011Cece and Me
Our most requested song "Nebuchadnezzar" is on this CD, with my growling Nebuchadnezzar voice and Cece's operatic echo. Because we get so many requests for this song, I re-recorded it on our newest CD "My Gravestone" recorded in 2020

Artwork:   Cover only   4 page outside   4 page inside   Tray card
192 kbps MP3s
The Road 01 Impossible Things
The Road 02 Nebuchadnezzar
The Road 03 Walkin'
The Road 04 Nothing But The Blood (Instrumental)
The Road 05-06Nothing But The Blood _ The Blood of Jesus
The Road 07 The Road
The Road 08 Still Small Voice
The Road 09 Psalm 136
The Road 10 May We Praise You
The Road 11 Eat The Fat
The Road 12 Seek Me
The Road 13 He Will Rejoice
The Road 14 Yea, Though I Walk Through
Otigionally track 5 "Nothing but the Blood" and track 6 "The Blood of Jesus" were two seperate tracks on the CD
Razzendahcuben Nebuchadnezzar backwards. Not on the origional CD. Sounds like a klingon rock opera

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