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Cece and Me Christmas
© 2009 Paul Donald Ellingsen SR 648-841
Date of 1st publication 11-25-2009
Effective date of registration 12-09-2009
Cece and Me

1. The Dilemma (2:43)
2. Silent Night (4:08)
3. Angels we Have Heard on High (4:06)
4. Your Handmaid (3:05)
5. Joy to the World (3:20)
6. Isaiah 25 (1:18)
7. None but Christ the Lord (3:58)
8. Behold the Maidservant (2:07)
9. Go Tell it on the Mountain (2:50)
11. Give Praise (5:10)

The Dilemma
What do I do with this woman? You know I love her so

I’ve loved her since my youth
                  A7                   D                         A7               D
But now I have to let her go, Oh Lord I just can’t let her go.

She’s bearing a child, I know is not my own.

The law says she should be put to death,
                  A7                  D                           A7               D
But Lord I hate to see her go, My Lord I just can’t let her go!!

What will I do? Who would believe me?

I’m the mother of God in flesh
           A7                           D                 A7                            D
So to Elizabeth’s house I’ll flee, Yes, to Elizabeth’s house I’ll flee!!

He should divorce me! How could he endure the shame?
                                                               A7                           D
Though the one in my womb, Son of the Highest will be His name.
          A7                       D
Lord Jesus will be His name.

Last night as I went to sleep, Your dreams engulfed me.
You said, “Marry the one you love,
The Babe is from me,
      A7           D
It’s all about me.”
                       A7                               D
It’s the Son of God, who will set you free.
                         A7                        D
Yes the Son of God, will set you free.

Silent Night
Joseph Mohr 1818
G                                 D7              G
Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright
C                           G            
Round yon virgin mother and child,
C                     G
Holy infant so tender and mild,
D7                          G                      D7            G
Sleep in Heavenly peace, Sleep in Heavenly peace.

G                                   D7                   G
Silent night, holy night, shepherds quake at the sight,
  C                            G
Glories stream from heaven afar,
  C                             G
Heavenly Hosts sing alleluia,
 D7                          G                     D7         G
Christ the Savior is born, Christ the Savior is born

G                                 D7              G
Silent night, holy night, Son of God loves pure light
 C                             G            
Radiant beams from thy Holy face
 C                            G            
with the dawn of redeeming grace,
D7                        G               D7             G
Jesus Lord at thy birth, Jesus Lord at thy birth

G                                    D7                G
Silent Night holy night, Wondrous star lend thy light
 C                    G            
With the angels let us sing
  C      G            
Aleluia to our King
  D7                        G                      D7         G
Christ the Savior is born, Christ the Savior is born.

Angels we Have Heard on High
 C                       G7        C                            G7        C
Angels we have heard on high, sweetly singing o'er the plain,
                             G7    C         G  C           G7       C
And the mountains in re-ply, ech-o-ing their joyous strains.

 C-A7-Dm-G7-C-F-G-G7        C        F  C  G
Glo-------------------------ria  in excelsis de o
 C-A7-Dm-G7-C-F-G-G7       C     F  C  G C
Glo-------------------------ria  in excelsis de o

C                           G7  C                                G7           C
Shepherds why this jubilee? Why your joyous strains prolong?
                            G7      C             G   C           G7           C
See what may the tidings be, Which inspire your heavenly song

 C                    G7          C                                   G7     C
Come to Bethlehem and see Him whose birth the angels sing;
                         G7         C              G     C          G7          C
Come adore on bended knee Christ the Lord the new born king

 C                 G7       C                          G7             C
See within a manger laid, Jesus Lord of heaven and earth
                       G7           C          G  C           G7        C
Mary, Joseph, lend your aid, with us sing our Savior's birth

Your Handmaid

by Paul Ellingsen
(Played in C with a capo)
D                         G
Here I sit, in this, quiet cave.
A                                 D
A star in heaven pro,-claims this day.

C                                  G

How can it be, that the, Son of  God,
A                            D
Rests here in, in my, loving arms.

D                                G
He should hold me, but, I hold Him,
A                             D
I nurse the one, who, knows no sin.

D                    G
What can I say, He chose me,
A                                         D
Though I’m un-wor,-thy, of,   roy-al-ity.

D                                       G
Highly favored is what the,  angel called me.
A                                      D
Blessed among wo-m-e-n,   I shall be.

 D                             G
Now these men they,   bow before me.
A                                          D
To worship the one, who lies,   on my knee.

D                                   G
They said God’s glo-r-y,    Shown ‘round them.
A                          D
Spoke of a Savior,   for all men.

D                                         G
I was so sad, Your Son was,   born in a barn.
A                                          D
He should be in a castle, not,   on a farm.

D                                           G
But You showed me, that you,   humble the proud.
A                         D
I, your handmaid,    humbly bow.

Joy to the World
Isaac Watts Based on Psalm 98
G                                     D7  G
Joy to the world the Lord is come;
       C             D         G
Let Earth receive her king
           C G                    C     G
Let every heart prepare Him room,
Let heaven and nature sing And heaven and nature sing
          G                G                  D7   G
And heaven and heaven and nature sing.

G                                   D7  G
Joy to the world the Savior reigns,
       C             D            G
Let men their songs employ.
                     C G                            C     G
While fields and floods, rocks, hills, and plains, 
Repeat the sounding joy, Repeat the sounding joy,
      G                            D7   G
Repeat, repeat the sounding joy

G                                    D7   G
No more let sins and sorrows grow,
        C           D         G
Nor thorns infest the ground.
                 C G                   C     G
He comes to make His blessings flow,
Far as the curse is found, Far as the curse is found,
      G                            D7  G
Far as, far as, the curse is found,

G                                            D7  G
He rules the world with truth and grace,
         C             D          G
And makes the nations prove
               C G            C G
The glories of His righteous,
And wonders of His love and wonders of His love
        G                        D7  G
And wonders, wonders of His love.

Isaiah 25
Verses 9&8 (music by Paul Ellingsen)
     G                     D
Behold this is our God.
                C                                       G
We have waited for Him and He will save us. X2

                 Em                   D
This is the Lord; we have waited for Him.
                   C              D                  G
We will be glad and rejoice in His salvation. X2

              Em                         D
He will swallow up death forever
               C                             D                 G
And the Lord will wipe away tears from all faces. X2

               C                              D                     G
And the Lord will wipe away tears from all faces.
               C                              D                     Em
And the Lord will wipe away tears from all faces.

None But Christ the Lord
by Paul Ellingsen
(Capo 2)
G                          C
Who is this  of such  humble means?
G                        D
Unlike a king of earthly means
G                            C
Who is this  come to  save my soul?
G               D            G
None but Christ the Lord.

G                              C
Who is this  born in a  stable bare?
G                        D
To a world lost in   it’s own cares
G                            C
Who is this  the one  sinless life?
G             D             G
None but Christ the Lord.

G                            C
Who is this  come to  wash the feet?
G                                         D
Of those whose lives that are  incomplete.
G                                    C
Who is this  who heals the  holes in my heart?
G              D             G
None but Christ the Lord.

G                            C
Who is this  that was  born to die ?
G                                 D
Born to pay the highest  sacrifice
G                              C
Who is this  the Most  Holy King?
G               D             G
None but Christ the Lord.

G                                   C
Who is this, who’ll come  through the clouds?
                 G                            D
When the trumpets sing and the  Angels shout.
G                                      C
Who is this  who’ll come to  take me home?
G             D             G
None but Christ the Lord.

Behold the Maidservant
Luke 1:38  (NKJ) Luke 2:21-40
Capo 2
G                         D                   G
Behold the maidservant of the Lord,
                            D                              G
May I seek Your face, may I do Your will.
G                         D                  G
Behold the maidservant of the Lord,
                    D                         G
His peace abides in my heart still.
                C                            G
Behold the maidservant of the Lord,
                 D                          G
As we present, Him back to you,
G                         D                    G
Behold the maidservant of the Lord,
                      D                                G
A sword will pierce through my heart too.


Then repeat & end with:
A sword will pierce thru my heart too.  X3

Remember Him
by Paul Ellingsen
Em                                             Am                        Em
Another day at Christmas time, it  is  that time of the year,
                                                     Am                             Em
People want to buy good gifts, and wish each other good cheer
                                                 Am                        Em
Your memories, they go back un-to your childhood times,
                                                       Am                            Em
You wish the glow it would last, all through your whole life time,

                        D2                       Em              D2                 Em
But there’s the one that loves you so, laid in a manger so long ago.
             D2                   Em
Born for us, so He could die,
            D2                                             Em
but we only remember Him at Christmas time.

     Em                                     Am                        Em
So buy gifts for your Sons, and for your Daughters too.
                                                                  Am           Em
Give your wife a great big hug, and your mother-in-law too.
                                              Am                        Em
Don’t forget your parents, tell them you love them too.
                                                             Am     Em
Don’t let Christmas go by until you’ve, given of you  To Chorus:

                                                            Am            Em
The tree is up the light are on, there’s a warm glow inside.
                                                 Am                        Em
You wonder what’s so special about this Christmas time.
                                                                        Am                    Em
It’s the one time we look up to Him and thank God for all He’s done.
                                                            Am               Em
How He’s provided us a Savior, in the person of His Son.

Chorus last time:
                   D2                                Em                 D2                 Em
So don’t forget the one that loves  us  so, laid in a manger so long ago.
             D2                    Em
Born for us, so He could die,
                      D2                                 Em
Don’t just remember Him at Christmas time.
                     D2                                  Em
Don’t just remember Him at Christmas time.
                         D2                                    Em
No don’t just remember Him at Christmas time.

Go Tell it on the Mountain
C                                       G7                       C
Go tell it on the mountain, Over the hills and everywhere.
       F                   C                           G7       C
Go tell it on the mountain, That Jesus Christ is born.

While shepherds kept their watching,
         G7                   C
O're silent flocks by night,

Behold throughout heaven,
            F               C G7
There shone a holy li-ght.

And lo when they had seen it
        G7                             C
They all bowed down and prayed

They traveled on together
         F                         C G7
To where the Babe was la-id.

The shepherds feared and trembled
         G7                 C
When lo above the earth

Rang out the angel chorus
          F                        C  G7
That hailed our Savior’s bi-rth.

Down in a lowly manger,
        G7                          C
The humble Christ was born,

And brought to us salvation,
            F                      C G7
That blessed Christmas mo-rn.

We Give Praise
by Paul Ellingsen
(Sorry I did not include chords for this song as they are too unconventional so would me to write it out in tab)

We give praise to You Lord, we give glory to Your name

For there is none other worthy of our praise.

Last time after Chorus:
None other worthy of our praise.
We give glory to You our Lord today.

And when I think of all You've done

How You gave up Your home in glory,

To save my soul, a sinner's son,

I must give to You the glory.

Far greater than we could ever think or say is the,

Is the glory of  You Lord.

And though we look through a glass darkly,

Some day we'll see Your face oh Lord.
But till then we To Chorus

And when I think of all You've done,

How you, came to Earth as a baby.

A helpless child, the Son of God,

And the son of a virgin lady.

And the angels sang Your praise on that first Christmas night,

To some shepherds terrified

And the star shone the way to the wise men who,

 sought You, God personified. So we give...To chorus

And when I'm sad, and all alone I think

How alone You were on the cross for me.

You paid for my sin, with Your life,

And by your death You set me free.

And You rose from the tomb on that first Easter morn,

To some soldiers terrified.

And You walked among men so that You might be,

In our lives glorified. So we give...To chorus

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