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I apologize that I don't update this web page like I used to. We have been busy with our restaurant Dad's Place near Benton Ky.

My opinion of "The Chosen"     How I know the earth is NOT flat

This is an important video that was banned by you tube, facebook, and twitter. I thought it would be helpful to post it on our website.

Why is the cure for the corona virus being blocked???
Click here for more info

Free CDs
For many of my CDs I ordered 1000 and still have 500 left, so I want to give some away before CDs become as obsolete as 8 tracks. For now, I am giving away these 4 to anyone who comes into Dad's Place restaurant.

Free MP3s
Also, I am now giving away my first 7 CDs as free MP3s

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Listen to our newest CD "My Gravestone"
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King of Kings plays a huge variety of Christian music including some of ours

Download lyrics and Chords for some of our CDs

We have finished our newest CD, "Wonderous Things"
It should be available mid-Feb 2023
Songs 1-5 are scripture put to music

We released "My Gravestone" in 2020
Listen Here

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"Prepare Ye the Way of The Lord," was released spring 2016

Cece and I love to lead worship and led worship at "The Overflowing Cup" Coffee house in Beloit WI for 4 years. We did a mixture of old hymns, praise songs from the 80's, some of our original worship songs, and a few newer hymns and praise songs. I like the praise songs from the 80's because there is so much scripture in them. This CD has 5 of our songs that we sung at Overflowing Cup that were scripture put to music. My favorite is "A New Song" from Rev 5:8-14.
Rev 5-8 talk about the seal Judgements. Dr Stella Immanuel has said that she believes that we are going through the seal judgements right now.
The 1st seal is conquering. She says that the way that the whole world acted lock step in unison with the covid lockdown shows that the world has already been conquered.
The 2nd seal is taking away peace. Look at the BLM riots that destroyed so many cities and the threat of WW3 with Russia.
The 3rd seal is food scarcity. Look at all of the food processing plants and chicken farms that have burned recently.
The 4th seal is increased death. The death rate has increased dramatically since the covid shot came out and many doctors say it will continue for the next 5 to 7 years.
Only Jesus can deliver us from this!

Dan Lietha is the one who did the cover art for our "Prepare Ye The Way of The Lord" CD. Dan is the Resident cartoonist for the Creation museum. He did a caricature of us when we were at an event for the Ark encounter, a full sized Noah's ark that was being built near Cincinnati OH by the Creation museum. It opened July 7th 2016. The caricature on the back of the CD was done by an artist many years ago at an amusement park. (You can tell it was a few years ago because I have hair.)
Here are a few of Dan’s cartoons:

You can see more of Dan's art at:

We will be playing at:

We were thrilled to be able to lead worship at the Jorden river, The Garden tomb, and overlooking the shepherds fields in Israel March 2022.


"Nebuchadnezzar" at Lucky's in Murray Feb 18th 2020
(Thank you Stephanie for taking this video)

"A New Song" at the Kentucky Opry Feb 15th 2020
Unfortunatly you can't hear my guitar or Steve's steel but Angie did a fantastic job on the keyboard
("A New Song" is taken from Revelation Chapter 5)

Winter in Springtime Feb 11th 2020 at Lucky's in Murray
(Unfortunatly I lost one of my finger picks part way through the song)
(Thank you Stephanie for taking this video)

We were at the Kentucky Opry Sat Feb 1st 2020

An advertisement for Dad's Place